Our lead words are: Hygiene-Social Distancing-Routines-Information

Information about Covid-19

The health, welfare and safety of our guests, employees and hoteliers is paramount at Best Western® Hotels & Resorts.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts check continuously for updates from the WHO and the National Health authorities for guidance and advice related to Covid 19, with the focus to secure the wellbeing of our guests and staff.

Some measures that we have implemented:

  • Enhanced sanitization procedures are in place at the front desk, in the restaurant, fitness centre/gym, in the lobby and across guest touch points throughout the hotel thus ensuring that disinfecting is done regularly.
  • Enhanced and thorough cleaning protocols are implemented for frequently used surfaces such as key cards, doorhandles, elevator buttons.
  • Sanitizing stations or wipes will be available for our guests’ convenience. Cutlery and trays are continually changed to ensure good hygiene and comply with the recommendations from the National Food Agency. A” Best Breakfast to go” offerings are implemented in all hotels providing guests with pre-packaged food and beverage options.

We have now implemented a Customer Quality Intelligence tool from Qultivator to further enhance and secure our guests’ wellbeing and we are continuously following up that all security measures are followed in accordance to the regulations.

A Safe Stay in the Hotel

At Best Western we love our differences and the odd and variated. We want to preserve the unique identities and differences of each and every hotel. At the same time, we have to live up to our guests’ expectations regarding quality and safety. Only Best Western Hotels & Resorts have a Quality assessment program with colleagues visiting all our hotels at eleven months interval to support our representatives in their quality and service efforts. Best Western Hotels & Resorts have been leading in the hotel business with it´s unique program for quality assurance the last 75 years.

We have focused on further enforcing and improving the existing extensive routines around the cleaning and hygiene; ”We Care Clean program” during the Covid 19 Pandemic. You will notice that we have introduced a number of changes like distance markings, disinfectant tissues in the rooms and new routines for breakfast.

Minimum Standards

These days extensive routines and minimum standards are not sufficient to run a hotel operation. Best Western Has therefore launched an initiative to follow up the routines digitally, together with Qultivator Intelligence and a tool; Safe Q, Best Western is continuously measuring the quality to secure that routines are followed, and that the environment is safe for both our guests and employees. We base our routines and measures on WHO’s and the National Public Health Agencies’ recommendations.

Our lead words are: Hygiene-Social Distancing-Routines-Information

As the first Hotel chain in Scandinavia, we now have put a quality assurance system in place, in that way we can keep our promise and show our guests and coworkers that we do what we say we do.

Do you want more information about our routines? take a look at the document Minimum Standards. This is valid at all Best Western hotels.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that that all the routines and safety measures are fully followed Best Western together with Qultivator Intelligence has launched a digital tool “Safe Q” for Quality measurements. By continuous regular measurements of all our Covid-19 processes we ensure that our guests can feel safe during their stay at our hotels.

It is crucial with regular measurements to ensure that public health is secured in the management of a hotel business.

Qultivator Intelligence is a Swedish company that develops Cloud based SaaS-services for Quality assurance and deliver tools for improving customer satisfaction within service sectors such as hotels, schools, retail and health care. www.qultivator.se