à la Carte


Toast with White Bait Roe, Sour Cream and Red Onions, 225:-

Prawn salad with Tomatoes, Asparagus, Eggs and Mushrooms, 147:-

Roast Beef Carpaccio with Capers, pickled Red Onions, Horseradish, Basiloil, 155:-

Chevre gratinated in Honey on Pumpernickel, Walnuts and Arugula, 135:-

Smoked fillet of Salmon with Beetroot Mousse and Brown Bread Croutons, 155:-

Mixed Salad with Garlic Bread, 95:-

Vegetarian Dishes

Indian Curry, Mango Chutney, Raita and Rice, 175:-

Diced and fried mixed Vegetables, Onions, Potatoes and Chantarelles, 180:-

Light Bites

Fish- and Shell Fish Soup and Garlic Bread, 165:- (as a starter, 125:-)

Chef ́s own Prawn Sandwich, 195:-
Hand peeled Prawns, white Ryebread, Eggs, Lemon, Mayonnaise and White Bait Roe

Croque Monsieur with Chili-Mayonnaise and French Fries, 140:-

Chefs’s own Hamburger Platter, 165:-
Bacon, Tomatoes, pickled Red Onions, Cheese, Bread, French Fries

Minced Steak ”Rydberg”, 175:-
Cubed and fried Beef tenderloin, Onions and Potatoes served with a raw Egg Yolk and Mustard crème

Pappardelle with Garlic, Prawns, Cray Fish and Garlic Bread, 165:-

Today’s Special, served Monday-Friday with Salad, Bread and Butter, 135:-


Fillet of Lemon Sole stuffed with Shell Fish mousse, 245:-
Lobster sauce and Potato Duchesse

Fried Salmon with cold Caviar sauce, 219:-
Lemon and a Potato timbale

Poached Cod , 229:-
Butter sauce, chopped Eggs, grated new Horseradish, hand peeled Prawns and boiled Potatoes


Plank Steak, 299:-
Beef tenderloin, Potato Duchesse, Bearnaise sauce, a roll of green Beans and Bacon, a broiled Tomato

Veal Escalope, 199:-
Capers, Lemon, Anchovies, green Peas, fried Potatoes

Swedish tenderized Beef, 229:-
Parsley-Butter, glazed Onions, Potato Wedges

Duck á la Orange, 219:-
Orange sauce and Potato Croquettes

Roast loin of Wild Boar, 209:-
Cream- Game sauce, Jelly, and Potatoes sautéed in Parsleys


Ice Cream Cup á la Fars Hatt, 125:-
Vanilla- Orange and Chocolate Ice, Berry sauce, whipped Cream and Almond Flake

Apple Pie and Custard, 120:-

Deep fried Camembert, 135:-
with Cloudberry preserve and deep fried Parsleys

Lingonberry Parfait flavored with Gin, 122:-
Fudge sauce, whipped Cream and a Pear Flake

Homemade Chokolate Truffle, 87:-
with whipped Cream and Berry sauce

Allergies: Do not hesitate to ask our staff about the content in our various dishes.

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