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Toast with White Bait Roe, Sour Cream and Red Onions, 225:-

Chef’s own Prawn Cocktail, 147:-
Hand peeled Prawns, green Peas, Mushrooms, Rhode Island Dressing, a French Roll

Serrano Ham and Mozzarella, 135:-
Roasted Pine nuts and Beetroots, Basil-Oil

Salmon cured in Juniper berries, 135:-
Deep fried Capers, Toast on Brown Bread, Mustard sauce

Mixed Salad with Garlic Bread, 95:-

Vegetarian Dishes

Wild Mushroom Risotto, grilled Vegetables and Parmesan, 185:-

Breaded and fried Swedish Cheese, 165:-
Pickled red Cabbage, Red Pepper crème flavoured with Chipotle, fried Potatoes

Light Bites

The small Fish- and Shell Fish Soup and Garlic Bread, 125:-
Mussels flavor, hand peeled Prawns, Garlic Bread

Chef’s own Prawn Sandwich, 195:-
Hand peeled Prawns, white Ryebread, Eggs, Lemon, Mayonnaise and White Bait Roe

Book Maker Toast, 149:-
Tenderized Swedish Beef Tenderloin, Dijon Mustard, Lettuce, Horseradish, a raw Egg Yolk, French Fries

Chefs’s own Hamburger Platter, 165:-
Bacon, Tomatoes, pickled red Onions, Cheese, Bread, French Fries

Steak Rydberg, 189:-
Cubed and fried, Sirloin Steak, Onions, Poatoes, a raw Egg Yolk, Mustard Créme

Today’ s Special, 135:-
Salad, Bred and Butter Main course, Kitchens offer – Served Monday-Friday


Fried fillet of Dover Sole, 225:-
Mushrooms stew, sauce Bearnaise, Prawns, Potato Duchesse

Poached fillet of  Salmon, 185:-
Herb-Hollandaise, warm Vegetables, boiled Potatoes

Chef’s own Fish- and Shell Fish Soup and Garlic Bread, 165:-
Mussels flavour, hand peeled Prawns, Garlic Bread


Plank Steak,  299:-
Beef tenderloin, Potato Duchesse, Bearnaise sauce, a roll of green Beans and Bacon, a broiled Tomato

Veal Escalope, 199:-
Capers,  Lemon,  Anchovies, green Peas, fried Potatoes

Game Meat Burger, 179:-
Minced Game Meat in Cream, Green Peas, Lingonberry- Cream sauce, mashed Potaoes -and Celery

Schweinshaxe, 169:-
Cooked and grilled knuckle of Pork, Sauerkraut, Beer-Gravy, fried Potatoes

Fillet of Duck, 179:-
Roast fillet of Duck, Red Wine gravy flavoured with Orange, grilled jacked Potatoes


Ice Cream Cup á la Fars Hatt, 125:-
Vanilla Ice, Orange- and Chokolade Ice, Strawberry sauce, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Garnish

Chokolade Mousse, 135:-
Dark, Brown and White Chokolade flavoured with Cointreau, Orange sauce

Cloudberry Parfait and whipped Cream, 125:-

Homemade Chocolate Truffle, 87:-
with whipped Cream and Berry sauce

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