Let your senses experience

Fars Hatt’s 1700’s evening: You are welcomed to a modern 1700’s dinner in our Rådmanssal; you will be entertained throughout the evening by our magician Gaston, Carl-Johan Bellman, Swedish poet and musician Carl Michael Bellman’s unknown brother and others. The evening will be rounded off with games and gambling.

An unexpected visit:
Why not hire a costumed character and add some variety to your next party, conference or in-store event. We can supply a wide range of strange characters and figures – from fairytale characters to clowns and even drunks! Choose the character to suit the occasion.

Wine and chocolate tasting:
Our gourmet expert takes you on a culinary experience using interplay between wine and chocolate.

We can also offer other types of tastings, such as whisky, champagne and much more.